Student Pathways and Mentoring

The Itasca Area Student Success Initiative has been hard at work and is on the brink of some wonderful things.  Area schools and organizations working with children have come together to support every child by giving them a clear pathway and access to the assets needed to be successful in this ever changing world. This means no barriers, such as: education gap, poverty, transportation, out of school time, etc. Take a look at the PATHWAY for a concise look.

I have always looked at the 40 Developmental Assets for children published by the Search Institute to see where the children in our mentoring programs may need a little extra boost and you can look at them here (Ages 5-8) (Ages 8-12) (Ages 12-18).  (Here's my trade secret...shhh...As a mentor, when you ask me about a specific issue, yup, I usually go to the Assets list.)  This doesn't mean mentors are responsible to ensuring their mentee has access to everything on the list but there are a few that mentors are really, really good at and can introduce activities that would cover the assets without it being too much like a lesson. This information is also on our mentor "tips" page, along with other useful items about and for mentoring.

An item that is new to the mentor "tips" page is the FRAMEWORK Poster which is a wonderful guideline for you that sums up the developmental assets for adolescents on one sheet.

As an organization that connects caring people with young people through mentoring, we are a part of the Pathway to Success. One of the support assets is for a young person to receive support from a nonparent adult.  That's it.  That's what mentors are doing.  How are you mentoring someone today?

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